Monday, 17 April 2017

GNW Russian Gun... and IPod and some Sugar Island Garrison!

Just finished painting some rather nice Casting Room Miniatures, (i.e. Foundry). These are from the Marlburian range but are a nice little set.


I'm really not sure what the officer is looking's a strange looking book....more like iPod ! He must be googling battalion gun ranges !!

Looks like I forgot some buttons on the gunner with the ball...grrrr!

Also managed to base my Crann Tara Regiment Hallwyl and Compagnie Franches figures. The latter are some new figures Graham has been working on and are part of a small range which he is putting together which will compliment my Sugar Islands project perfectly. 




Paul Robinson said...

Excellent figures Stuart. I suspect the officer is trying to work out whether "Black Powder" or "Honours of War" is the rule choice of the day.

Anonymous said...

Excellent figures and a wonderful blog, thanks Stuart.


stuart insch said...

Cheers Guys!