Friday, 16 June 2017

It's been a wee while...

It's been a wee while since I posted. A few reasons for this, mostly work, a few family things too - but I have not neglected the hobby!

I've -
Had a most excellent weekend with Charles Grant, refighting (and losing!) Torgau.

Thank you Charles, I will try not to lose 6 regiments of Grenadiers next time!

I've painted these chaps from Crann Tara, French Compagnie Frances de la Marine

And these Spanish for my WAS in Italy project...finished now


I've received these figures for my Sugar Islands campaign, painted by Stuart Foley. Debrissay's 63rd foot.


And these Swiss 

Along with a very nice AWI/ACW courthouse and a Colonial Plantation

Painting some GNW Russians


And rebasing some 19th Century Neapolitans.


Oh yeah....and been organising something called AMG17.....more about that later.....

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Paul Robinson said...

Busy. Busy. But all for a good cause. And looking at the figures well worth it.