Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sugar Islands British

Slowly but surely my Sugar Islands campaign moves forward. Here's a pic of the British inf I have had painted up by Stuart Foley alongside the lovely command stand I received as a gift from Jim Purky of Minden & Fife and Drum mini's.


Stuart currently has another British line regiment and some British Grenadiers as well as French militia which he is painting up. For the latter I have used Fife and Drum AWI figs, purchased from Crann Tara. I'm away on business at the moment (this post comes to you from the departure lounge of distant Almaty airport!), but I hope to have them when I get back from my trip. I have some time off coming up and will use that to base the units which are complete so far and then try out some scenario ideas.

The unit to the front is the 38th Foot which had been posted to the Windward islands for some time. As such it's uniforms mush have made some concessions to local conditions and supply. Linen or cotton would have replaced wool and straw hats may have been worn by more practical officers rather than a felted tricorn. I have used CT's British Line in Campaign dress for these and have a few more with floppy tricorns to add. I asked Stuart to paint a few in different gaiters to add to the irregular look of this unit. 

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Chris Gregg said...

Great to see these. A beautiful paint job. Hope your trip goes well