Thursday, 28 December 2017

Regiment Tattenbach

Flagged up and base completed.

I quite enjoyed painting these. They needed a little more work than metal figs but I'm happy with them. One down and six more to go!

My box arrived from Warlord so I have all the pieces I need for my foot, horse and guns. I may break the monotony by sprinkling in the odd foundry/casting room character figure just to add some variety. We'll see how they match up.

The regiment if based for Beneath The Lily Banners which we play tested a couple of weeks ago. I quite enjoyed it, although I am now really tempted by all the late 17thC figures and have been buying up some book for the period - John Tincey's introductory Osprey on the British Army of 1660-1704 and Stephen Ede-Borrets Army of James II which I saw in Foyles recently and picked up on Amazon. Somewhere I have a few of John Child's books on the period which I have to say is much more visually appealing (and sensible in scale) than Marlborough's campaigns. I used to have a small 15mm army for Donnington Miniatures, inspired by Mark Allen's excellent articles in Wargames Ilustrated years ago, (hi Mark, hope you're fine!). My interest wasn't followed up by anyone else at my local club then so after a couple of DBR Games I stopped collecting them.

The trouble is now I've got no excuse....

The expedition to Virginia in 1677 would make an great what if campaign.....Uhoh !!


Chris Gregg said...

They look beautiful , love that colour, well done.

stuart insch said...

Thanks Chris,
They were sprayed cobalt blue and drybrushed with a mix of vallejo sky blue and royal blue. The yellow was vallejo lemon yellow on top of a GW basecoat. The faces, guns and leather were given a wash with GW fleshshade to pick out the detail.

Quick way to paint when there is soo much blue.

Paul Robinson said...

very nice they look too. Roger Castle at GaPa blogspot ( seems to mix different metal figures into his plastic figures with no difficulty.

Phil said...

Awesome job on the blue shades!

stuart insch said...

Cheers chaps. I'll follow up that link Paul.