Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Against Spain - Update

The draft of "Against Spain - Wargaming the Sieges of Havana and Manila" is with the printer for review. 

Contents - 


Background to the campaigns

Leaders and Forces Involved

The Invasion of Cuba

The Invasion of the Philippines

The End of the War with Spain

Wargaming the Invasions

Notes and Bibliography 

75 pages of full colour pictures and periods maps and 6 wargames scenarios for 18thC games - 3 set on Cuba covering the landing, encounter with the Spanish and a Spanish counterattack and 3 in the Philippines covering the defence of the landing beach, the storming of Manila and a battle in the jungle between sepoys, Spanish and Filipino tribesmen. Each scenario has a full colour map and breakdown of troops involved and can be used with any game system. Perfect for Rebels and Patriots, Sharp Practice and Muskets and Tomahawks or your preferred skirmish rules.

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Laceprinz said...

Looking forward to this one Stuart. BW Mike