Wednesday 15 May 2019

Post Carronade.

Lovely long weekend visiting the Wallace Memorial, Carronade, catching up with folks, meeting friends and then a lovely topdown drive home via a snow flecked Glenshee, then Braemar and Ballater. What a great way to unwind.

First time at Carronade and I must say I'm impressed with the show. It's a little bit of a maze at times for the first timer, remembering who was where with what resulted in several trips to the wrong bit of the wrong building but I enjoyed it more than Salute and think it tops Claymore as the top Scottish show now.

Two tables caught my eye. The wonderfully wacky pirate game complete with flying vessels, tentacles everywhere and superb ships and buildings.

The other was the Sudan game pictured below. Lovely buildings and the fort in particular was a nice piece of real estate.

Caught up with GrahamC on Crann Tara and got my horsies. Got to see his new figures in the flesh so to speak and aqm even more impressed. His trial of 3d design and printing is also going well and should evolve into something commercial at some stage.

Also caught up with Charles Grant, Graham H, Dave Jarvis, John (Commando), Sholto (Scheltrum) and Carlos (nice buildings and boats!).

I didn't get much of what I was after. Dave Thomas didn't have the Perry stuff I needed, Foundry didn't have Crimean or Mexican stuff and at one point all I had to show for there day was some mdf bases as a a booklet on the Swedes. However Gav from gamingfigures had some nice redoubts which would look good on a Caribbean beach, so I cleaned him out.

All in all a great weekend and lovely show too. I'll be back next year.


Marco55 said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable day.

Doug said...

It is a great show. I also prefer it to Claymore. Like you, I didn;t pick up a lot, just some cheap vehicles for Chain of Command from WarHQ and the fleamarket, some walls, and a couple of MDF buildings. NO figures this year.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I really like that four-corner stone Fort. Was it a commercial model or scratch built?

The show sounds great if for no other reason than meeting all of the people that you mentioned.


Genom said...

Do you mind if we link to this from the Carronade Website?

StuartInsch said...

Genom. Of course. Please go ahead.