Tuesday, 28 May 2019

You spend ages waiting on one bus....

A rather hectic day at work was improved by the arrival of not one but three parcels for me.

First off was a rather large and heavy box which contained a Spanish Town which I won on EBay, sold by Mike Siggins. Very nice and complimenting my existing Italeri church and houses.

Very useful for my next project but also for Spain and Italy and probably the south of France, Balkans and a few other places.

Next up came this book. I will leave you to work out how the two things tie together!

Also delivered by the postie was a small box. Hot off the casting machine (well still pretty warm since I ordered them only on Saturday!) these are the new dismounted Cossacks from Warfare. 

Although not quite as well fed than my GNW Russians they are a decent match for height and will be taking the field against them rather than along side them. I really like them although I will need a few packs to make sure I don't have too many guys waving their hats. They should make a nice match for my TAG mounted Cossacks too.

Lastly and delivered via email I received a set of rules to playtest from Jim Purky. More on these another time!

It's all go here.

My head is now spinning in the opposite direction....in a good way.🤪


Anonymous said...

A lovely look town Ian and those figures look nice.
Only 4 weekend until Kenilworth,looking forward to catching up.

Happy gaming,
Willz Harley.

StuartInsch said...

It won't be long coming round mate. Looking forward to another game with your lovely figs and terrain.


Graham Hilditch said...

You have really hit the jackpot with those buildings. Salivating at the thought of them.
Need to get my Ottomans done

Graham C said...

They're the sort of days I like. You've done well with those buildings - I'm not envious at all!

StuartInsch said...

Cheers lads.

Chris Gregg said...

Brilliant looking buildings Stuart and with the book it's exciting to think where you are going after Martinique and Guadeloupe! Well done.

tidders said...

Lovely set of buildings