Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Wild Geese 2019

Last weeekend was the annual Wild Geese Wargames weekend and it was another cracker.

The last few months have been rather busy and I couldn't wait to get away for some great games. This year we had a Napoleonic 28mm skirmish hosted by Tony Dillon, a 7yw battle hosted by Steve Metheringham using his 40mm Prince August Figs, a 28mm Great Northern War battle hosted by Paul Robinson, a fictional 7yw battle held byWill Harley and an AWI game run by the Perry twins using their 28mm figs (of course!).

It was great catching up with everyone again. I think this weekend is as much a social event as an actual gaming weekend and I'm sure most of those attending would agree. I enjoyed the conversations as much as the excellent games. 

The standard of the games this year was particularly high. I really enjoyed Tony's scenario, using his own card driven rules. The terrain and scenery he had put together was excellent, as I'm sure you'll agree from the photos below. 

I also had a game with Will and his Spencer Smith figures. Will manages to turn these old school sculpts into little works of art and, once again, painted up a figure for us all to take away as a souvenir. We used Jim Purky's 18thC rules for this game and they stood the test of a big game with ease. 

On Sunday I had a game with Steve's 40mm's. This was he first time I had gamed with them since trying to mould them myself as a kid, (nicking dad's plumbing solder to make them - sorry dad!). Steve is closely involved in the design of these figures with Prince August and their semi flat design may not be to everyone's taste, but I have to tell you they looked superb. Classic wargaming on a green cloth using "A Gentleman's War" the rule set by Howard Whitehouse. Dave Andrews and I battered the hell out of each other for most of the morning, curiously effected by the "Morrison Effect" a strange phenomenon which surrounds a certain figure designer and reduces dice scores within approximately 1-2 yards of his presence....he wasn't playing but he was standing behind us making us roll lots and lots of 1's!

Sadly I didn't get a chance to play in Paul's big GNW game but heard of cavalry melees sucking in units til they grew to immense size. Nor did I get a chance to play in the Perry's lovely AWI game, perhaps another time.

I did manage to play a cheeky evening game of Blood and Plunder with Gavin (from gamingfigures.com) and Leigh. Lovely figures, nice terrain and very high quality scenery - check out Gav's website for more info. Perfect for small actions set on the Sugar Islands!

Thanks have to go Colin Ashton (and of course Katherine) for organising another great weekend and to all those who hosted games. 

Here's to next year!


Graham C said...

Another great looking weekend and I think you're right the 'social' side is just as attractive as the gaming.
Unfortunately looks like I won't be there next year either the dates clash with my holiday in Spain 😩

Anonymous said...

It was geat to catch up with you Stuart, the weekend went in to fast.
I wish I had time to chat with everybody, but time at Kenilwoth flys past.
Thanks for posting photo's of the weekend.

Happpy gaming,
Willz Harley.

Tony said...

Thanks for the kind comments about game. The Rioja,savouries and chocolate added a certain ambience to the game. Glad that you enjoyed it all.

StuartInsch said...

Thanks Guys.
I'll ping you an email about your rules Tony. My copy of Touching History arrived today!