Tuesday, 26 July 2022

For Sale - Figures

 After clearing out some books I decided to take a look at some of the armies I have not used for some time. 

First of these is my late medieval "Army of the Archbishopric of Hoegaarden" actually a mix of late 100yw figures from Perry and Citadel (ex Bretonnian Halberd and Spear) with few Front Rank figs added. These were professionally painted and the level of detail in them, especially the command figures is quite high. There are 208 pieces (cav and guns as 2pcs). 

I'm asking £475 for this army inc Uk postage.

The second set of armies which I am selling in my ACW collection. I have not used these for a good while. But there are two decent sized forces here -

There are; 

168 pc confederate army

124 inf, 12 cav, 2 guns and 4 crew ea, 4 casualties and 2 mtd command

169pc union army

121 inf, 12 cav, 14 dismounted cav, w/8horse and horse holders, 2 guns and 4 crew, 4 casualties, 2mtd commanders

Total of 337pc 

Plus Confederate ambulance and union prisoners vignettes 17pcs

Grant total 350pcs @ £2 per pc = £700 inc Uk Postage. More pics available


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