Thursday 21 September 2023

Franco Prussian War

To Forres last Sunday for a chat with Graham H about a future project and a Franco - Prussian game. More about the former another time, but our Franco Prussian collection is getting large and whilst we wait for the Perry's to build up the range I now have 3 Divisions of French infantry whilst Graham's got about 2 Divisions of Prussians. We both need cavalry and artillery more infantry.

That didn't stop us having a game though, to test my home made rules which are a pastiche of bits of Osprey's blue book activation and other mechanisms. A few tweaks are required, and we worked out a way to represent off table artillery which helps give the battlefield the right sort of depth and the Prussians the ability to plaster the French, and negate the power of the Chassepot...although they still need to take the ground. 

Piccies below from what was a rather nice day.


Duke of Baylen said...

Looks a great set up. I especially like the close up photos

StuartInsch said...

Thank you. It's easy to get your phone or iPad mini down onto the table and between units to take snaps. I find the basic editing software good enough for most pics too.

Tiberian general said...

Wonderful figures and a great looking game.


jurgenation said...

Awesome paint jobs.

StuartInsch said...

The close ups are of Graham's figures. He'll be pleased to hear of your feedback.